Wed, October 27, 2021
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Guided Tour

  1. Create your Play Alliance account
  2. Create your Game Accounts
  3. Load Up your account
  4. Private Messaging

Create your Play Alliance account
Log on to and click on register to create your new profile.

After you have created your account you can view your details in My Profile. Here you can personally manage your account, change your email address, password, secret question and update your personal information anytime you want.

Create your Game accounts
To play our games, you need to create a game account for each game you want to play. Play Alliance makes it simple to keep track of all these accounts and allows you to pay for them all in one place.

To create new game accounts or link your existing game accounts, click on My Game Manager. For new accounts click on Create Game Accounts. To link existing accounts click on Link Game Accounts.

After you have created or linked your game accounts you can click on Edit Game Accounts to view and manage them. Here you can change your game passwords and unlink your accounts.

Load Up your account
To top up or load credits, click on
Load Up!
To Purchase Credits, click on Purchase Credits then follow the instructions on the screen.
To add credits, click on Add Credits and enter the transaction number of your Play Alliance transaction.
To assign your credits, click on Use Credits to purchase game time or game currency for your desired game.

You can also view the history of all your credits in Credits History.

Private Messaging
This is where you will receive secure messages from Level Up! or send messages to other Play Alliacne subscribers using their Nickname. To view your messages, click on
Private Messaging.

For more details or inquiries you can click on FAQ or Customer Support.

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