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Play Alliance FAQ
  1. General
  2. Load Up Credits and Reward Points
  3. Game Manager
  4. Private Messaging
  5. Virtual Keyboard


Q: How many characters are allowed for the Play Alliance username and password?
A. You can use up to 12 characters but not less than 6 characters.

Q: Which characters are allowed for Play Alliance username and password? Are ASCII characters allowed?
A. You can only use alpha-numeric characters. ASCII characters are not allowed.

Q: What is Play Alliance?
A: Play Alliance is a system that allows you to create and edit your profile, manage your game accounts, send messages to other Play Alliance players, buy game time and currency.

You will still continue to receive reward points. A new Reward/Loyalty progam shall soon be implemented which you can use to redeem special items. Stay tuned!

Q: Do I need to register to use the service?
A: Yes. All users need to create an account or "Register".

Q: Do I need to register a Play Alliance account for each game?
A: No. Your registration to Play Alliance will serve as your main profile or account to the following services:

  • Game Manager
  • Load Up
  • Private Messaging

You can then create individual accounts for your desired games or link your existing game accounts.

Q: Where do I change Play Alliance Password, email address and secret question?
A: You can change all these in My Profile.

Q: Where do I change my Customer Support Password?
A: You can change your Customer Support Password at the upcoming support site that we will be launching soon.

Q: How do existing Play Alliance Accounts without a Customer Support Password obtain one?
A: A facility will be set up for you to be able to define your Customer Support Password once the new support site is launched. Please stay tuned.


Load Up Credits and Reward Points

Q: What is the conversion of top up value to Load Up credits?
A: 1 Peso top up value is equivalent to 1 Load Up credit.

Q: Can I stack or accumulate my Load Up credits?
A: Yes. Load Up credits can stack as long as they are not yet assigned to a specific game.

Q: How do I keep track of my transactions for Load Up credits?
A: You can view it in "Credits History".

Q: Can I still transfer my Load Up credits after I have assigned them to a game?
A: No. Once you have assigned them, you can not transfer them to another game.


My Game Manager

Q: What is My Game Manager?
A: My Game Manager allows you to link your existing Play Alliance game accounts, create new game accounts and change your passwords.

Q: How do I create a new game account?
A: To sign up for a new game account, go to "Create Game Account".

Q: How do I link existing game accounts?
A: Go to "Link Game Accounts".

Q: How do I edit my game accounts?
A: Go to "Edit Game Accounts". Here you can change passwords, unlink game accounts and filter game accounts.

Q: If I unlink a game account, does it get deleted?
A: No. Unlinking your game account only removes it from your Play Alliance account. It does not delete your game account.


Private Messaging

Q: What is Private Messaging?
A: The Play Alliance Private Messaging system allows you to receive secure messages from Play Alliance or send messages to other Play Alliance subscribers using their nickname.

Q: Can I use Private Messaging to send messages to my friends who did not subscribe to Play Alliance?
A: No. Private Messaging is not an email service. You can only send and receive messages from Play Alliance and other Play Alliance subscribers.

Virtual Keyboard

Q: What is a virtual keyboard?
A: One of the most common security threats is from malicious software called "keyloggers" that record your keystrokes and sends them back to the account hacker. By having a virtual keyboard where you enter your password with your mouse instead of punching it in with a keyboard, you eliminate the chance that a keylogger will obtain your user information.

Q: Do we need to use the virtual keyboard when inputting the username and password?
A: No, use of the virtual keyboard is optional.

Q: What are the advantages of using the virtual keyboard?
A: The Virtual Keyboard will be an additional tool to increase the security of your logon credentials and will help protect your MyLU Account from the risk of key loggers.

Q: When does the virtual keyboard appear?
A: It only appears when you click the keyboard image beside the password field in the Play Alliance login page

Q: The keys on the screen keyboard are too small. Can I make them larger?
A: No.

Q: What characters are available in the virtual keyboard?
A: Only alpha-numerics are allowed. Please see images below.

Q: Can I still use my own keyboard to input my password even if the Virtual Keyboard is shown?
A: Yes. The use of the virtual keyboard is up to the player. The player may still use his/her own keyboard and not the virtual keyboard. However, for players who would like to exercise additional security, you may use both the real and virtual keyboard in combination when typing-in your password.



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